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07 June 2021


Scorus waterfall

It has been known and accessible for only a few years.


To reach the Scoruş Waterfall, on the Olt Valley, turn towards Voineasa, at Brezoi, on DN 7A. In Mălaia, when you reach the middle of the lake, before the first bridge, turn left onto a forest road. After the Pension "Căsuţa din Pădure" you walk about 200 meters and you reach a parking lot, after about 1.5 kilometers of forest road.

The GPS coordinates for this parking lot are as follows: N - 45.339752 and E - 24.011307.

The waterfall has two thresholds and two chained waterfalls that total 110 m. It continues with a canyon of 100 - 120 meters and ends with another waterfall of 22 meters.

The width of the waterfall varies between 3 and 7 meters depending on the water flow.

Warning: Not very accessible.

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