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16 February 2021

 In Love with The Wind CASTLE
Ravadinovo Bulgaria


Destination Ravadinovo, Bulgaria 370 km

away 6 hours

Overnight: Specially arranged parking, campsites

Ravadinovo is a small village near Sozopol

 It belongs to and was created in 1997 by tycoon Georgi Tumpalov, architect, designer and developer.

This amusement park is built of thousands of tons of stone extracted from Mount Strandja, unique due to color changes, depending on the light.

The castle is an imposing romantic building, has 60 rooms, many of them guest rooms decorated in Renaissance, Baroque, Romanesque medieval styles. During the day the whole castle changes color, in the morning it has a shade of pink, the day is white, and shines in the night with full moon, all the buildings, including the fence, being built of marble containing traces of micro-diamonds, stone specially extracted from neighboring mountains.

The complex is a contrast from its shape and size to the message it conveys to visitors, some consider it a great kitsch, others a great achievement.






The rest is up to you!



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